Saturday, July 21, 2012


Life can throw at us many challenges from illnesses, losing a loved one, injuries, the rising costs of living and not finding the time for exercise, eating well, socialising and self-care. 

Everyone has a story and mine started in my childhood, during which time I suffered constantly from asthma, eczema and hay fever. The cocktail of drugs I was prescribed to help "cure" these symptoms weakened my immune and digestive systems. Later on in life, I lost my beautiful mother to cancer a week after my 22nd birthday. I moved from my home town to find new beginnings and began to make changes to my lifestyle.  I found yoga, became a Remedial Therapist and changed my eating habits, opting for mainly vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, fruit, nuts and seeds. By cutting out red meat (as it is acidic) it has helped with my eczema. I have a strong passion for nutrition and healthy eating.

I feel prevention is the best investment you can make on your life. So eat well, get moving and surround yourself with happy beings.

I share my passions for indulging in all things healthy and seeking a better lifestyle through home cooking, better food choices, yoga, massage, travel, friendships, hugging more and living life to the fullest.

Clear food and living
Clearing the mind, body and soul

 Hydrating with a young coconut.


 An amazing veg breakfast.

Dukkah, olive oil and home made dips, my favourite!

Juice time!

Peace n Love


  1. Love and adore this and you. To come through all you have and be the shining, beautiful, inspiring woman you are is an accomplishment. I can't wait for recipes! xxx

  2. Lovely! Looking forward to some recipes Jeanette!
    Vanessa xx

  3. Well done Jeanette love your blog... another new beginning of sharing your knowledge and passion...
    Love you x

  4. Hi Jeanette
    I hope this finds you well.

    My name is Lucianne. I am co-founder of Canberra's first cold pressed juice company. My partner and I found our way to plant based nutrition after he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. At the time, he was representing Australia in judo and the news of his illness really shook our understanding of health.

    We did lots of research and found cold pressed vegetable juice which helped us immensely with our battle to overcome cancer.
    Three years on, and we are now producing veggie juices for our community and loving the journey we are on.

    We love your down to earth approach to nutrition.

    We would love to send you some juice on the house to road test and share with your community.

    Hit us up if you are keen on the idea!

    Love and Juice

    Lucianne and Jovan

  5. Hey!

    You haven't posted in a while...

    Will you be getting back into the blog soon? :)



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