Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shirodhara Massage

This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment which has been around for decades. Shirodhara is considered to be a rejuvenating and purifying therapy.
It was one of the most relaxing treatments I have had.

I have always wanted to try Shirodhara but when I go to make an appointment I usually change it for a deep tissue or sports massage instead thinking I might become bored after 15 minutes of oil running onto my head. This time I was determined to get one.

A Shirodhara massage involves pouring therapeutic heated liquids over the forehead gently. A light body and head massage are also included in the treatment. They add a scented oil to the mix and cover your eyes to prevent any oil from running into them.

The experts believe that the human forehead carries the third eye which needs to be rejuvenated through the thread of therapeutic liquid poured gently on it. This is one of the most ancient and unique therapies.

Aaron and I had booked our treatments in advance and when we got to the Ayurvedic Healing Centre only Aaron's massage therapist was there. He went straight in for his full body massage and I had to wait for about 5 minutes for my lady to come. In India you often get treated by a Therapist of the same sex. As I am waiting for my lady to arrive I am thinking about changing my mind. I'm a little worried about the quality of the oil which will be used, if the oil is clean and not already used by someone else and if my face was going to break out after the treatment. I saw the lady carry in a dirty plastic container and a tarp and I was thinking, crap! She called me into the small hut and told me to jump up on the table. I placed my head on the tarp and above my face was a copper pot hanging by a little rope (please don't fall). At least she wasn't using the dirty plastic bowl to hold the oil.
I told myself to go with it and enjoy the experience.

I surrendered myself to the experience. I was cocooned in towels and my head was positioned under the oil fountain - a copper pot with a slow-flowing spout from which the oil streamed gently onto my forehead.

The soothing and fragrant oils flowed continuously for about 30 minutes back and forth over my forehead. My hair was instantly drowned in oil.
I closed my eyes under the cloth that was covering them and sank into a deep relaxing state. The constant stream of the warm oil over my forehead made the chatter in my head dissolve and I drifted away. After about 30 minutes I was treated to a head and body massage.

My temple, my body was truly honoured as a sacred temple. I left feeling relaxed and ready for a sleep.

Benefits of a Shidohara Massage:

Shirodhara have various benefits to the human health. With the help of the therapeutic oil and aromatic liquids, Shirodhara offers the following benefits:

Relaxation to the mind and body
Purify and rejuvenate the body and soul
Enhance positivity within oneself
Massage during Shirodhara induces positive energy flow inside the body
Enhances the flow of nutrients to the body and brain
Facilitates healing
Stabilizes the nervous system
Increases concentration
Cool the mind and body
Treat conditions like headaches and hair loss
Lowers metabolism
Integrates effective brain function
Helps in reducing frequent mood swings
Increase blood circulation and oxygen transport within the body
Improves memory
Nourish, skin and scalp
Detoxify the body

Has anyone had Shirodhara treatments before? How did it make you feel?

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