Monday, October 1, 2012

Breakfast in Byron

I love Byron Bay in NSW Australia. It would have to be my favourite place to escape from the city.

As breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I wanted to make sure we went there for just that! So after Aaron taught his Sunday morning Yoga class at New Farm Power Yoga, (a great way to start any Sunday morning, with a powerful vinyasa flow session) we headed for NSW.

I Google searched vegetarian cafes I came across The Conscious Cafe in 114 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, next to the Woolworth's. I love discovering new cafes and I was excited to try it out.
The cafe was delightful! I instantly felt relaxed.  I actually felt like I was back in Bali.
The atmosphere was wonderful and something I didn’t expect as you go from walking through the supermarket car park to a mini garden wonderland. We had a look around at all the quirky items; pumpkins as the table centre piece, day beds to lounge on and even an information wall with books and folders sharing the benefits of healthy eating and living.
I studied the menu and ordered my coffee. I usually order a soy flat white or long black when I have a coffee out. The Conscious Cafe is dairy, gluten and soy free, so I had the oat and almond milk. I was excited as this is what I have at home and it’s not often cafes have this as an option.

I found it so hard to choose which meal I wanted as they all sounded amazing.

I finally picked the Divine Timing; kale, garden greens, peas & a pouched local organic egg atop of two pieces of sprouted bread with almond & cashew nut butter & a drizzle of Tahini turmeric dressing.

Yum, a beautiful and delicious meal.
Aaron had the Moon Eclipse; Mung bean & black bean fettuccine w/ homemade almond basil rocket pesto, local olives, sauteed kale, sunflowers & wattle seed vegan cheese & salad.

Wow both dishes looked and tasted amazing and were made with love! The Conscious Cafe was full of food and beverages for the heart, soul & body. I can't wait to go back and try something different from the menu.
 Now off to the beach to soak up some much needed vitamin D from the sun!
It is said that, 'Far more lives are lost to diseases caused by a lack of sunlight than to those caused by too much'.
Low vitamin D levels can cause osteoporosis, a condition in which our bones lose calcium, become brittle and are susceptible to fracture. And it's also been linked with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, bowel cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and lymphoma.
A little bit of sunshine can go a long way. Just be safe and make you don't lay there too long and burn. About 10 minutes in the sun without sunscreen is just enough to get the right amounts of this important Vitamin.
You can't go to Byron without heading the to Beach Hotel.

See you soon Byron Bay

Peace n Love
Jeanette x

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