Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tasmanian Adventures

Currently Aaron and I are working and located in Launceston, Tasmania.

In our true travelling style we are making the most out of seeing as much of Tasmania as possible. We never know where our wandering feet will take us.

I love getting back to nature and I intend to immerse myself in Tasmania’s nature beauty. There are so many sites here to explore from towering Mountains, majestic lakes, premier walks, thick lush forests, picturesque farm lands, cascading rivers, historic sites and breathtaking white sand beaches; my island home has so much on offer.

Each week we are trying to explore a different location. These are the places we have visited so far.

Launceston’s Cataract Gorge:
An amazing piece of wildness. Enjoy a picnic in the many beautiful gardens, go for a long or short hike on the tracks, soak up the breathtaking views, walk along the suspension bridge, enjoy a coffee and keep an eye out for peacocks and wildlife. This is a must see

 Off the boat and ready to start exploring Tasmania. 

The breathtaking Cataract Gorge


Lilydale Falls:
An easy stroll will take you to two small waterfalls. This took us about 20 minutes return but its charming and serene settings are well worth a look.





Liffey Falls:
Get back to nature and enjoy the refreshing cool air of the forest. Pass through towering eucalypts and massive tree ferns under the forest canopy. The cascading falls are picturesque.  This took us about 45 minutes return.








Notely Fern Gorge:
Bringing you back to nature the scenery here is amazing.  It is dominated by large, old eucalypts and ferns over a under storey of rainforest. Walk quietly and you may be lucky enough to come across some of the wildlife such as a Tasmanian Devil and bush wallabies.  
The walk takes about 45 minutes. Moderate to easy walking.





Yes the weather isn’t the warmest at the moment but it is winter and a great excuse to rug up and put on a few more layers. Thermals and beanies are my new loves.

 I hope this inspires more people to come and explore my island home, it's well worth the visit.

Stay tuned for many more Tasmanian adventures as we intend to explore as much as this state as possible. 



  1. Wow looks awesome :0 so many of us have lost touch with nature, It can be so soothing for the soul.

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