Friday, July 19, 2013

Go Orange

10 Oranges in 10 days.

I have recently completed a go orange challenge and I was so grateful to be involved in this. I recently have moved from sunny Queensland to experience winter in Tasmania. Needless to say my body was about to go into shock with the change of temperature and I really thought I would get some sort of a cold. I am thinking it's my daily intake of oranges which has kept it away.

I was challenged to eat an organic orange a day for 10 days. Oranges (the Australian organic ones) are now a regular part of my diet.

Back when I played basketball we would always have cut oranges after we finished training and I remember my brothers eating them during their footy matches. I say bring back the half time orange fix.

Oranges especially the ones from Australia :) have many benefits, here are a few.

They boost the immune system with all of the recommended vitamin C in take in just one Australian orange! Keeping colds at bay so I can keep exploring the wonders of Tasmania.
They are rich in antioxidants that help maintain brain function and keep bones & joints in tip top shape.

They may reduce the damaging effects of cholesterol and heart disease by protecting the inside of artery walls.

They are high in folic acid and ideal for pregnant women with one orange providing 18% of the recommended daily intake.

They are a natural sources of sweetness and provide just 2% of your daily energy needs in one medium orange.

They contain B vitamins for that extra energy boost; ideal replacements for energy drinks.

My fruit bowl is now over flowing with these golden goodies. For more information, health benefits, seasonal fruits and loads of recipes you can check out Citrus Australia #GOORANGE


Organic oranges: These guys might not look that golden orange but they sure do taste amazing.

I love making my own juice at home and this one is just so simple.


Just cut into quarters and away you go.

The goodness continues


Peace n Love


  1. Although fruits are healthy, it does contain sugar. Lots of it, even. So it's still best to juice vegetables. It may taste a bit.. well, different, but it's really better for you.

  2. This looks delicious and bright idea!

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