Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Incredible India

So here I am back in India currently exploring Mysore and studying at the K.Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. For the next three months I get to explore more of this incredible country and also submerge myself in my yoga practice. I feel incredibly lucky to be here, doing what I love to do. 

I often get asked, why India? There are many mixed thoughts about India in general and most people who haven't yet been here seem to have preconceived ideas about this incredible country. In saying this yes some of these thoughts may be spot on but its all about making your own mind up and having the experience for yourself. There are stories to every country so only you can be the judge based on your own experience. 

India through my eyes is amazing. It is full of life, loud noises, brightness, colour, smells of all sorts, thousands of people, poverty, cows, autos, craziness and the list goes on. Yes it can be very confronting but if you respect the culture and have your wits about you, I'm sure you will love India for what it is as much as I do. 

The people are money hungry and yes it seems to be what they want from you. You quickly learn that there are westerner prices and Indian local prices. Don't be surprised to always pay a little more. You do quickly pick up what you should be paying for things. I do enjoy going to the supermarket as there are set prices for items and you know you are paying the same price as the other shoppers. 

If anyone is thinking about a holiday or adventure to India, I totally recommend it. These are a few tips I found useful for travelling to India. 

*Always try to cover up (especially females)
* Respect the culture
* Avoid drinking the tap water or eating raw salads from restaurants as they may use tap water to clean it. 
* Avoid making unwanted friends (you may find they want money more than anything else) You will be the best judge of this. 
* I like to bring a mosquito net as the little buggers seem to love my blood. 
* Carry as light as you can if you are travelling around different places. You can pick up cheap clothes here, along with many other useful items. 
* I do always bring my own sheets and pillow cases. Just to insure a good nights sleep. 
* Negotiate the price of things before entering an auto or ask them to put the metre on. Most of the time they will tell you it doesn't work, they are lying. :) Just smile and walk away if you are not happy with the price. They will either agree to your price or you will just wait for the next Auto to come. 

 Each part of India provides you with new experiences and new adventures. The food is amazing and the people are pretty incredible to. 

This is a little of Mysore, Karnataka through my eyes. 

Love and peace 


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