Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finding purpose.

It recently occurred to me that the path I am currently on is pretty amazing. Is this my true purpose though? I just know that it feels like I am where I need to be at this present moment. It feels right. 

Since I started practicing yoga my mind set has certainly changed. I came from working a 40 hour week Monday - Friday. I would always talk about doing this job for now but I ended up doing it for 9 years. I was a chronic asthmatic, continually getting sick, and then the passing of my dear mum 8 years ago left me with a very heavy heart. 

I knew that I needed to leave my home town and I finally found the courage to do so. I started to study massage and yoga and I was guided into learning more about my own nutrition and how it could support my health. 

I soon became hooked on yoga and I loved helping my massage clients in body work and even talking about nutrition to support their bodies and mind. I started my blog (Clear food and living) to share my passion for healthy eating and living. I was hit by the travel bug which saw me spend many months in India, Thailand and Bali where I furthered my massage and yoga skills. 

I am passionate about health, yoga and cooking and this is the direction of my new business adventures. As long as I work hard and continue to follow my passions and dreams I will be fulfilled and yes I will have a purpose. 

So have I found my true purpose? I have found my true passions and I have turned these into my career. Maybe doing the things in which bring me joy, following my passions and finding happiness is my true purpose? I'm sure there will be new directions to follow in my journey but currently I'm happy with where I am at. 

Do you have a true purpose in life? What about a strong passion for something? Are you willing to pursue it? 

The Sufi spiritual leader Hazrat Inayat Khan, described the pull of your purpose in an interesting way. 
He wrote that one may suddenly think during the night, "I must go to the north," and in the morning, he sets out on his journey. He does not know why, he does not know what he is to accomplish there, he only knows that he must go. By going there, he finds something that he has to do and sees that it was the hand of destiny pushing him towards the accomplishment of that purpose which inspired him to go to the north.

Purpose will find you. It can sometimes be very clear if you pay attention to it. It could be an interest of yours that you do in your spare time. It might be something that brings you joy or something you are really good at. 
We will find our purpose along the way. No matter how rough the road might be, you can succeed if you put your energy into it. 

I have found affirmations to be powerful tools. You can repeat them all day or just a few times a day. The more positivity you put into your mind the quicker you can achieve and believe in yourself. 

I believe in me.
All the great things I can be. 
I can touch the stars, I can ride the rainbow.
I can make the grade, I can set the standard.
I can win and when I don't,
I'll come back again, better than ever. 
If I can see it I can believe it.
When I believe it I can be it.
I believe in me. 

Peace and love 


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