Friday, October 26, 2012

D.I.Y herb pot

Today I gave my herb garden a little love after getting some inspiration from a little cafe, Bean on Dean.

How cool are the tables.
 I love a good Campos coffee.
I didn’t try any of the food but I did enjoy my coffee. The other thing I really enjoyed about this cafe were the herb pots scattered around the place. On each table they used an old glass jar and filled them with a different herb.

I was inspired, so when I got home I used my empty Lovingearth coconut butter jar and made my own.
I decided to start with chives as they are pretty hardy and low maintenance. "Just the way I like it"! I cleaned out my jar and took off the sticky label: to make sure you have totally got rid of all the sticky label you can use a little eucalyptus oil on a cloth to get it all off.
I then went to the shed to find out how I was going to cut a circle out of the lid. I found some small tin cutters and cut around the lid so I could still have it screw onto my jar. I think it looks better with the lid and it also holds the soil in the jar. It doesn’t make a big difference if you use the lid or not.

I then placed my chives into the jar and filled it up with soil. A little water, a trim and that’s it!


A little info on herbs:

Most herbs are unfussy plants and prefer full sun. They prosper in good, moderately fertile soil, and most herbs require that the soil be well-drained. Herbs rarely need fertiliser.

Turn herbs occasionally so they're healthier and look fuller and balanced. Potted herb plants naturally grow towards the source of sunlight, and they may start to lean or look one-sided unless you give them a quarter-turn every few days.

Trim often; Life in a pot is pretty confining for most herbs, and you don't want them to outgrow their space or start getting floppy or lanky. So cut off tips often; this trimming inspires the plant to branch and go grow more densely and compactly.

After a while, the herbs may naturally peter out and need to be replaced. So enjoy them to the fullest while they're in their prime!
You can always cut your herbs and place them in an ice tray with Olive, Rice Bran or Coconut Oil and freeze until needed.

 Happy planting.
I really want an old wheelbarrow.
Herbs are a great gift idea.

Peace n Love
Jeanette :)


  1. I would love to try all the lavender products esp with a full moon & Christmas coming up, I need them to help me cope!

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