Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rice Paper Rolls

When making Rice paper rolls, preparation is always the key. I like to use about 4-5 ingredients. There are so many different ingredients you can use in rice paper rolls so have a play around and use what you have. Some of my favourite ingredients are: fresh mint, parsley, carrot, tofu, noodles, asparagus, zucchini and cucumber.


My ingredients:

Tofu – I lightly coated my tofu in egg and flour to give it a light batter and fried for a few minutes.
Tomato – Cut into strips
Mushrooms – Cut thin
Cucumber – Cut into strips
Rice Paper
Rice noodles - Soaked in hot water until soft
Prepare your ingredients.
Have a warm glass of water ready to sprinkle over your rice paper.

You only need to give your rice paper a small coating of water using your fingers. When I first started using rice paper I learnt the hard way by totally submerging the rice paper in water. The rice paper would then stick together and be really hard to work with. I have been told that you only need to slightly wet one side of the rice paper but I like to do both sides.

Lightly coat both sides of the rice paper with water.

Start adding your ingredients.

Once you are happy with your ingredients start rolling your rice paper.


I like to use ginger and soy sauce to dip my rice paper rolls in.
Cut a few pieces of fresh ginger and add soy sauce.

Enjoy :)


Peace n Love



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