Sunday, August 11, 2013

Natural Instinct Product Range Review

As I continue learning more about health and nutrition I have found that it's not just what you eat which makes you healthier but also the products you use. I take big considerations on the products I use around the house and also what I use on my sensitive skin. I really enjoy finding products which are toxic free and safer for my skin and body. 
I was asked to try some of the range from Natural Instinct which are toxic free and are an Australian range of face, body, hair and baby care products that are made entirely with plant-derived ingredients, certified organic extracts and pure essential oils. I also love the fact that they are environmentally friendly and also looks after our animals in being vegan friendly. 

The Natural Instinct products are:

Not Tested on Animals

Vegan Friendly
The face, body, hand, hair, baby and sensitive products are 100% vegan. Natural Instinct Micro-Mineral Sunscreen isn’t suitable for vegans – but I hear they are working on it.

Proudly made in Australia
All their products are made in Victoria under a certified quality management system.

Grey-water safe
No harsh chemicals like propylene glycol, or EDTA are used; so they won’t damage rivers, animals and plant life. 

Made of Recyclable Packaging
All packaging is made from fully recyclable materials.

"It's our unique method of balancing
carefully selected naturally plant derived
ingredients while excluding hundreds of
potentially harmful chemicals."

Their aim is simply to provide high quality, natural products that offer your family the best results at a price that’s equally down to earth. I totally agree with this statement as all of the Natural Instinct products are definitely affordable with some of their products being under $10. You can have a look at the full product list here

I have yet to use all my products but here is a list of the products I have tried and am currently still using. 

Body wash:
RRP $11.95 – 500mL
RRP $19.95 – 1 Litre  
The freshness of Lemon grass, ginger and ginkgo is such a invigorating way to start my day. I use this daily and it's definitely on the re-ordering list. 

Natural Instinct Daily Moisturiser:
RRP $9.95 – 125mL 

Made with Jojoba, Rosehip & pro-Vitamin B5
Hydrates, Enriches & Softens

This is another product I have been using daily and have had no complaints with. My skin is pretty sensitive so I can tell when a product isn't agreeing with me. For the generous price of this product it's definitely one worth trying for yourself. 

Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo:
RRP $7.95 – 250mL
RRP $11.95 – 500mL
RRP $19.95 – 1 Litre

Made with Lavender, Nettle & pro-Vitamin B5 
Cleanses, Nourishes & adds Shine

I have been using this twice a week and I have noticed less hair fall during my wash. 

Hand & Nail cream:
RRP $9.95 - 125mL

The hand and nail cream is nice, it's smooth and doesn't leave a slimy or oily feeling and quickly absorbs into my hands. 

Hand wash: 
RRP $7.95 – 250mL
RRP $19.95 – 1 Litre

Lemon, lavender and pro-Vitamin b5

The hand wash is lovely and certainly leaves my hands nice and clean. I have been using the hand wash at work. My hands get washed very frequently after each massage so it's good to see this product doesn't dry my hands out.

Body Lotion: 
RRP $15.95 – 500mL
RRP $22.95 – 1 Litre

Jojoba, Rosehip and avocado

I  use either coconut oil or sesame oil as my body moisturiser so using a body lotion is a little different from an oil. My skin has adjusted to the change well.  I have been using this daily, as I highly believe in all the benefits of a self massage. I do like the fact they use jojoba and Rosehip in here. 

Where can I purchase these products?

You can pick up Natural Instinct products from Priceline and Terry White, and health stores across Australia. You can also find them here online along with all of their products, ingredients and details. 

My thoughts on the range: 

All the products I have tried and tested so far are soothing, smell great, affordable and most importantly my skin has not complained. I will be using Natural Instinct in my life and home in the future and I hope you will also give them a try for yourself. What an amazing gift idea for your friends and family, knowing that they are also gaining all the benefits from toxic free products. 



  1. Just discovered your blog. I have only just discovered Natural Instinct and I'm glad I did. Great reviews, I'm now keen to check out the rest of the range. I only have the body wash!

  2. Jeanette, I have used both shampoo and conditioner by Organic Instinct and I really loved it.


  3. Hi
    After reading all the responses i am really in a need...please tell me how can i buy them.



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